24pcs Paintless Dent Repair Hail Removal PDR Tool Dent Lifter Set


Description :
24pcs Paintless Dent Repair Tool Hail Removal PDR Tool Dent Lifter Set

A professional tools set for you repari the dent on your beloved car or other metal equipment. Made from lightweight aluminum.
Package includes 1 piece dent lifter, 10 pieces taps, 4 pieces different angles glue remove pen, 1 piece repair hammer, 1 piece plastic shovel, 1 piece 110-240V 20W glue gun, 6 pieces glue stick.

Dent repair details step :
1. Find the dent position.
2. Heating the glue stick by the hot hair gun, inject some glue onto the full surface of tab and stick it on the dent position.
3. Wait 1-5 minutes according to the environment, make sure the tap is firm.
4. Adjust the dent lifter to fit the tap and pluck out the tap.
5. Dilution of residual gum with alcohol (75% – 95% content is better, not includes in the package).
6. Wipe the adhesive off by the plastic shovel and clean the body by remove pen.
7. Then you can find the dent is repair intact 🙂
Package includes : 

1 x Dent Lifter
10 x Taps (Can buy the extra taps set in SKU161787)
4 x Remove Pen
1 x Repair Hammer
1 x Plastic shovel
1 x 110-240V 20W Glue Gun (Comes with a mini adapter according to your country 🙂
6 x Glue Stick

Details pictures : 

Figure Photo: