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Description :

60 Degree Bit HSS Combined Center Drills Countersinks Set Tool

Features :

Material : HSS
High Speed Steel
Standard 60 degree included angle
Double ended

Specification :

This listing is for a set of 5 HSS Center Drills
Each drill has a double end and is ground with a standard 60 degree included angle
The set includes 1 each of the following sizes :
3mm body diameter & 1mm drill tip diameter
4mm body diameter & 1.5mm drill tip diameter
6mm body diameter & 2.5mm drill tip diameter
8mm body diameter & 3.15 drill tip diameter
12mm body diameter & 5mm drill tip diameter

Usage :

Center and spotting drills are traditionally used to make a conical hole for a lathe center in order to make a starting point for a standard twist drill, designed to prevent the twist drill from walking
Used for producing center holds in components or work pieces with require machining between centers

Package included :

5 x HSS Center Drills

Details pictures :