Betalight Kit Marker S M L Tritium Self-luminous Fluorescent Keychain

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Product name:Betalight Kit Marker Neon Fluorescent Keychain
Brand:Betalight Kit Marker
Three Size:S:20mm*10mm
Distance:30 feet,about 10 metres
Waterproof:Underwater 100meter

1.The marker do not require batteries or recharging & will remain constantly illuminated even during prolonged periods of darkness.
2.Illumination is provided by Gaseous Tritium Light Sources that provide an absolutely reliable luminance thoughout their service life over 10 years.
3.Small and light, can make decoration.
4.With key ring, can be convenient on other objects.

Package included:
1 x Betalight Kit Marker Neon Fluorescent Keychain
1 x Key ring


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